Anonymous asked: I would like to ask you if you could pray for some parts of Germany, especially Bavaria? There are some severe water problems, floods, whole cities are underwater right now. Many people are homeless, their homes are destroyed and the water level is getting higher... :(

Hello anon. Sure I will. It will be in my prayers and I’m sure our fellow brothers and sisters here on tumblr will pray for it too. Just remember and never forget to pray and pray because God always hear our prayers ands He will never leave it unanswered. He will always be there for us to protect us, take care of us, especially in times when we need him. Thank you for your request. God bless you always anon! :) 

powerofaprayer asked: I love your blog!! & The links! :)

Thank you! God made this blog possible! Stay happy and blessed! <3

Anonymous asked: Hi Grace..:) other christian blogs that you would recommend? ♡ ur blog. Gbu:-D

Hello anon! I forgot to put the link on my blog. But here’s the list:

It’s an old list and there are some new blogs I’d like to share with you. I’ll post it some other time. :) Thank you and stay blessed!! ♥

anchoredinchrist4ever asked: Hi Grace!! Love your Facebook page Jesus-Our-Everything and the creative verse posters you design which share Jesus' love :)) My Facebook page is Living Word Inspirations and I post my verse posters to celebrate God's word and Jesus' love there. Have "liked" your page and would appreciate your "like" of my page if you would please - thanks!! :)) Joy, hugs and love in Jesus, Kimberly <3 :))

Hi Kimberly, thank you for your support on this blog! All the praises and glory goes to our one and only Almighty! :) I have seen your page and I hope you continue serving, inspiring, blessing other people and bringing glory to Him. God bless you!

reflectionsofhislove-deactivate asked: Can you like my encouragement fan page on Facebook? Find me at Reflections Of His Love and it will have 36 likes below :)

Sure thing dear April! :) Brothers and sister in Christ, please like this page on facebook —>

God bless you! :D

Anonymous asked: are you a PUPian?

Hello there anon! :D Yes I am! Why? God bless you! :)

godsradicaldaughter asked: Ateeeee! Hahaha. Buti na lang po at nakita ko ang blog niyo sa isang gabing walang tulog para sa akin. Hahaha. I'm so blessed to see how God is moving in your life. ^^ Ang ganda din po ng mga posts niyo. Yeah! You're greatly blessed po, ate, and keep on looking unto Christ! The best is yet to come. Go po, ate! Thank you din po. I'm praying for you. --Pamsiii

Hello din! All glory and praise goes to our mighty God! :) He is indeed working in both of us. Isa talaga yung blog mo sa nakapagpainspire saken na ituloy tong blog na ‘to. Thank you! :) Have a blessed summer! Stay in love ♥ :)

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Anonymous asked: please pray for me. I have so many problems, I need help

Hello anon. I want you to message me in private so that we could talk and help you with your problem.

Anon, whatever you are facing right now, know that God is always with you. You just need to ask Him to guide you in solving this problem for He will always help those who asks for his help.

“Leave all your worries with Him because He cares for you.” -1 Peter 5:7

No matter how big or small your problem is, Papa God is willing to help you and lift your burdens. He does not want his children carrying all these loads. Just as you seek for my help or for you friend’s help. Seek God’s help first. :) Always pray, anon! He will answer you. I’ll pray for you too! Have a blessed life!

excited-for-tomorrow asked: Hey! I saw your photo edit and it says something along the lines of "Creation is the canvas that God has used to paint his character" and I love it! I don't know if it is a quote or something your come up with yourself but I was wondering if I could use it for my Christian twitter account? :)

Sorry for the late reply. I got it from my devotional book,  Our Daily Bread. Sure you can use it. Anything for the glory of our Lord! :) God bless you and your family always!

powerfulandmighty asked: hello po.i fell blessed with your blog:)keep it up

Thank you! Always stay in touch with Papa God! :) Feel free to ask anything or if you have any prayer request, you can just message me :) Have a blessed week!